e- payment terms and conditions

Admission of membership: Our dear client, I agreed to buy the Club world and become an agent of the Club World Group for marketing and tourism services. And you have been informed of all the benefits of the membership offered for sale and you are fully aware of what the program contains through the sales representatives and the Package sent to you. Terms of shipment: the Software sold from Club World (BOKING CW) is delivered at a maximum of 7 to 10 working days in accordance with the Gregorian date and is sent by one of our delegates or by the International Mail Service. Price and payment: Price according to the advertised price on the website and paid in cash or by bank transfer or payable credit card (Visa – Master-American Express). A receipt will be delivered from our delegate in case of cash payment or an electronic invoice of the customer's email subscription value is sent in case of payment by bank transfer or credit card. Upgrading or Replacement: The customer has the right to upgrade or replace from the lowest to the higher membership according to the fees agreed by the company. Cancel or restore:-The customer shall be entitled to cancel the membership within a maximum of 14 days from the date of purchase and in excess of the specified period, an administrative charge will be deducted for cancellation of US $70 or its equivalent in Egyptian pound for Egyptian membership and US $120 for international membership International or any evidence of Egyptian pound is conditional on the reason for the cancellation and the agreement of the company's financial and legal administration. Customer relationship with the company: once the customer has subscribed to membership, the customer becomes a member of the company and is obligated to provide all the agreed services, depending on the type of membership sold to the customer while adhering to the fair-use policy. Judicial disputes: If there is a dispute to the best of God between the customer and the company because of the breach of the terms of membership and the customer's proof that breach is limited to the obligations a judicial and legal company only refunded the value of membership unless the customer uses any of the vouchers delivered to him, which is a condition of agreement and no censorship to eliminate it. Pledge: The customer acknowledges that he has been informed of all the agreed terms and rules and that he has paid the fee or the price of the stated subscription at full and in person.