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Club world services and facilities have expanded to cover all sectors of Tourism Trade, including a network of all airlines and hotels.


A pioneer in Europe and Middle East’smost exciting destinations with city hotels and resorts, Oversee a growing collection of 7 , 5 and 4 stars hotels properties,and Egypt’s largest fleet of major hotels .


Club world Aviation offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass all dealings with major international airlines across the world.


Club World will help you to get your visa to any country in the world In an easy, fast and convenient way .


Dream , Explore , Discover the world with Club World trips programs; we offer a wide range of suggestions and choices at any destinations in the world.

Rental car

Wherever you arrive, we’ll be there to help you through the customs, transfers and luggage affairs. Our local and international suppliers can surely secure quick and professional airport dealing ,it’s a matter of experience.


We afford and create the best offers covering the most luxury restaurants for dining to help you in finding your best place for dinner with your partner.


Our team of entertainment offers you myriad activities that range from wilderness trekking and educational programs, We manage the operations and promote the attractions.


Our clients can speak with our travel experts to plan the perfect vacation. Our experts offer years of experience and can help you book the ideal cruise for different occasions .



We help you to plan your dream honeymoon vacation with special offers not only inside Egypt but also across the globe.


Our independence and unrivaled media experience across the world mean that our consultants are ideally placed to help you capitalize on the ever-evolving media market, making your investments more efficient and more effective.


We offers a highly experienced team of business services consultants, handling all business travel needs from scheduled and private air travel and hotel reservations through to car and chauffeur hire and rail reservations.

HAJJ AND umrah

Our commitment of delivering an exceptional experience for pilgrims who perform Hajj as well as Umrah with us. Based upon the tour package that you select, we provide you with luxurious accommodation, which is closest to the places of worship during your period of stay in Makkah, Madinah , Mina and Arafat.


We lend our assistance and expertise to all your events no matter what their size, from corporate meetings and product launches to gala dinners and birthday parties.

Airport Service

We are proud to be the premier provider of intelligent, reliable air services globally, From cargo and catering to ground handing and travel services, That’s why we go the extra mile to provide innovative, efficient and reliable service every single time.


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